The Media should stop engaging in cosmetic news analysis – Musah Tanko


    Mr. Tanko Musah, a senior lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) says the media in West Africa and Ghana has been performing their duty creditably but still has a lot more to do in order to be able successfully fulfill their mandate. He was speaking on Class FM’s “World Affairs show hosted by Dr. Etse Sikanku.

    Mr. Tanko believes the media must do more in critically analysing issues that arise rather than the norm of engaging in ‘cosmetic and fanciful’ analysis which are not in the general good of society. This stems from the fact that usually, very important issues are treated with little or no detail at all, even when they have a bearing on which results in a lack of appreciation of the issues by the news audiences.

    He insists that though good efforts are being made by the media in terms of news reports, in the matter of continuity (following up on issues), they are lacking because very salient matters are allowed to be swept under the carpet after being made prominent at the onset; at the time of breaking the news.

    In their discussion, the university lecturer established that the press in West Africa and Ghana needs not to only be enjoying press freedoms but economic freedoms as well. This is because economic resources and money have a subtle way of affecting how the news is reported and whether it will be in the favour of the general public or a select few who own the economic resources.

    Mr. Tanko Musah equally highlighted on the importance of the media to the growth and development of countries, particularly for those in Africa that subscribe to the democracy as a model of governance.