The rivalry between fans of Ghanaian dance hall acts Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy has taken a new twist few hours after it was announced that Stonebwoy would be getting married to a doctor on Friday.

For the past few years, fans of these two dance hall greats have been trolling each other over awards, record deals, performances, contracts and properties.

However on social media, some music fans have started comparing Stonebwoy’s wife-to-be, Dr. Louisa Ansong, a dentist who is said to have won a lot of academic awards while at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, to Shatta Michy, an entertainer.

Shatta Michy

Dr. Louisa Ansong

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Love goes where love is

People choose their life partners for various reasons. Someone will be cool spending their lives with a banker, another, a ‘soobolo’ seller. I know someone who detests the idea of getting married to a nurse. It is about what the individual wants and the love they have for whoever they want to settle down with.

Those who are teasing Shatta Wale for marrying an entertainer while Stonebwoy goes for a dentist, are fuelling another form of antagonism between the two parties.

I have heard people say Louisa is decent and by virtue of her academic achievements is more intelligent than Shatta Michy. I have seen some people describe Louisa as “the true definition of a virtuous woman” and not one that strips naked for the public to see.

Everybody has their definition of who their “virtuous” woman is. Shatta Wale chose to be with Shatta Michy because he believed she had the qualities he needed in a life partner. The fact that Shatta Michy’s lifestyle does not make her fit into your “ideal woman” doesn’t mean she is not ideal to any man.

We have stereotyped certain jobs and professions, despising those we perceive to fall below the ‘high-ranking’ professions. But people in their respective professions have made impact in their own ways. You don’t need to be a doctor to make it in life. There are so many successful entertainers in the world including Shatta Wale and Louisa’s Stonebwoy.

The trolls may affect Louisa

I understand some of these trolls are part of showbiz and are merely done in jest but the more they pour in, the likelihood of Shatta Wale coming out to make disparaging comments against Louisa Ansong.

Considering her background, she may not be able to contain the heat Shatta Michy has gone through since she got married to Shatta Wale.

In the event that her ability to stand pressure and trolls is in diametric opposition to Michy’s, she may find herself in a tight corner when Shatta Wale’ fans also troll back.


In as much as beefs and trolls make the showbiz game interesting and lively, we must be careful how we tackle them, especially when they have got to do with families and spouses for that matter.