There is no chance for Kalybos to date me – Ahuofe Patri


    Patricia Opoku Agyemna, popularly known as Ahuofe Patri has ruled out any possibility of dating Kalybos.

    The fast-rising celebrity and actress rose to fame following the popular ‘Boys Kasa’ comedy series by Kofas Media. She starred in ‘Boys Kasa’ together with Kalybos as principal characters.

    Speaking on the ‘Late Night Celebrity’ show on eTV, Ahoufe Patri stated plainly that she and Kalybos can remain just friends, according to an Etv Ghana report.

    She said there is no chance for her to date Kalybos even though he is funny and she finds him attractive.

    Since the ‘Boys Kasa’ comedy series hit the screens a couple of years ago, the rumour mill has been spinning.

    Many people have tipped the two, Ahoufe Patri and Kalybos to be a perfect couple. Consequently, there are speculations that they two are dating.

    However, Ahoufe Patri’s response on the show indicates that nothing of that sort is going on.

    Describing Kalybos as a jovial person, Ahoufe Patri said she is used to him as a friend and nothing else.

    “He is very jovial and funny. Even when I try discussing something with him he only crack jokes,” she said. We can never date because there is no chance at all for us to date, Ahoufe Patri stressed.

    Since starring in the ‘Boys Kasa’ comedy series, Ahoufe Patri has not looked back on her acting career.

    She is now the lead character in Cocoa Brown series and she featured in Kame Eugene’s ‘Angela’ official video.