Renowned Islamic cleric, Sheikh Dr Amin Bonsu has called on the youth in the country to stop engaging in political vigilantism.

The chairman of the Ghana Muslim Mission wondered why Ghanaian youth mostly heavily built guys, otherwise known as ‘machomen’ will want to engage in political vigilantism since there’s no reward in it.

To him, the fact that no ‘machoman’ has ever been appointed a Minister lays credence to the fact that political vigilantism is not rewarding.

“It is also injustice, cheating and vague for you to be used by politicians for their selfish activities. No ‘machoman’ has been appointed as a Minister after helping the party to win elections. At most times, these vigilantes do not even get access to same politicians they assisted…,” he said.

He further called on the politicians to also know that it is sinful and immoral to protect your family and use other vulnerable people to cause mayhem on innocent citizens.

“There is a high probability to kill or be killed, injure or be injured or cause harm and pain to innocent people, if you indulge in political vigilantism. Hence, you incur the wrath of Allah. Allah says in Holy Quran 5 vs 32 that if you kill, you commit sin as if you have killed the entire mankind,” he added.

Sheikh Amin Bonsu maintained that providing jobs for the teeming jobless youth forms part of the solution to the issues of vigilantism.

“Due to unemployment, the youth are enticed with juicy offers into vigilantism. We urge government to provide more jobs by increasing intake into the NABCO program to employ more of such people into active sectors of the economy….”

Political vigilantism has become an issue of national concern with government setting up the Emile Short Commission to find a lasting solution to the problem.