Thievery goes wrong as driver is killed in a crash while fleeing from police

    An accident has foiled a suspected animal thievery as driver dies instantly in crash at Abora Kweduagya.

    The suspected three thieves were making away with 28 goats and sheep in two cars; a taxi with registration number CR 1097-18 and a Highlander with registration number GS2098-19.

    It is said that they were stopped by some police patrol team at Assin South barrier who were suspicious of their activities at around 2:00 am.

    They, however, fled the scene before police could draw closer to search the cars.

    The Assin South police team sent an alert to another team who gave the cars a hot chase. They, however, missed them after a while.

    Adom News‘ Amoh Alfred reported that the driver of the taxi, which was moving on top speed, attempted to flee into the bushes where he rammed into a rock.

    The car is said to have somersaulted and landed on the driver’s side, killing him instantly.

    The police were notified of an accident, and upon getting to the scene identified the car and driver as the one they encountered at midnight.

    The driver of the Highlander was also arrested at a different location after he experienced a flat tyre. His accomplice is believed to have absconded.

    One person has been arrested in connection with the crime, whilst the taxi driver, who died in the said accident, has been sent to Abora Dunkwa Government Hospital pending further investigation.

    About 10 of the animals died, while nine goats and 10 sheep, packed in the backseat, were rescued.



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