Trader remanded for beating son who begged for food


    A 45-year old trader, who is accused of subjecting a three year old boy to beatings for begging for food, has been remanded by an Accra Circuit Court.

    The victim is said to have suffered multiple marks over his body and genital parts.

    At the Police Station Aku Korshie is said to have admitted beating the victim up on different occasions for defecating on himself.

    Korshie, held for abusing the victim physically and causing harm to the victim from January this year to date, pleaded guilty.

    The court presided over by Mrs Marian Affoh deferred Korshie‘s sentence to Monday, May 8.

    It ordered that the victim be sent to the Osu Children’s Home for care.

    Prosecuting Detective Inspector Kofi Atimbire told the court that Emelia Tetteh, the complainant, is a baker while the accused is an aunt to the victim.

    Prosecution said early January this year, Korshie brought the victim from Kajadornya, a town near Ada, in the Greater Accra, to reside with her.

    Inspector Atimbire said ever since the victim arrived, witnesses alleged that the accused has been beating and punishing him on various occasions.

    He said neighbours confronted the accused to desist from the act but she would not listen and rather she quarrelled with them.

    On May 1, this year, the complainant found multiple marks of assault on the victim’s body when he came begging for food from her and when the accused person was confronted she denied the act.

    Subsequently, the victim was brought to the Domestic Violence and Victim’s Support Unit (DOVVSU), Accra.

    At DOVVSU, prosecution said, the victim’s body was examined and officials found fresh marks of assault and scars all over his body.

    Prosecution said Korshie was picked up by the Police and the victim was sent to the Police Hospital for medical examination and treatment.

    When the Police questioned Korshie, she admitted beating up the victim on different occasions for defecating on himself.