Twellium Industries has been a blessing to Ghana Sports – Ben Nunoo Mensah

    The Ghana Olympic Committee has heaped a truckload of praises on the Twellium Industrial Company Limited for its unrestrained support to Ghana sports.

    According to the committee, Ghana’s leading manufacturing brand has been a blessing to youngsters pursing sports careers in the country.

    President of the Ghana Olympic Committee, Ben Nunoo Mensah made this known at the launch Twellium’s effluent treatment plant.

    “I have been associated with this company from its inception till now and the amazing heights they’ve achieved in such a short while is visible. Twellium has been a blessing to the people of Kotoku and its environs.

    Twellium Industries has been a blessing to Ghana Sports – GOC

    The company has also blessed the young boys and girls doing sports in this country. If not for Twellium, the sporting careers of these young ones wouldn’t have progressed”.

    He furthered that unlike other corporations, Twellium approached him as Ghana began preparing for the 2021 Olympics and asked, “What can we do to support you at the Olympics?”

    And the company since then has been a huge blessing to sports development in this country, the GOC President added.

    “A lot of sports disciplines have been sponsored by Twellium. This is the time to say thank you to the company and its staff.

    On behalf of the young boys and girls, we say thank you for what you’ve done for Ghana Sports. And your support to us ahead of next year’s Olympics.

    Ben Nunoo Mensah appealed to Ghanaians to purchase products of Twellium Industries as doing so equals support to Ghana Sports.

    “If you walk into the shop and you have some kind of support for Ghana Sports, it is our duty to buy the products of Twellium Industries. Doing so means you’re supporting your young brothers and sisters who want to make a life out of sports.

    Twellium Industrial Company was incorporated in Ghana in September 2013, to kick start the production of 4 key franchised products. These include Rush Energy drink, Original American Cola, Planet Range and Bubble Up lemon lime.

    The company also prides itself with the clean and tasty Verna Mineral Water.

    In expanding its operations, the company has also added the production of biscuits to its production line. They produce the ever quality and nutritious Mcberry brand of biscuits.

    Twellium under the Mcberry brand has supported various local sporting competitions. Earlier this year in collaboration with the Ghana Armwrestling Federation (GAF) they stage the biggest armwrestling challenge in Accra dubbed “Mcberry Armwrestling Showdown’.

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