Two killed in a bloody clash over lady


    Two persons have lost their lives in Taifa, a suburb of Accra in a bloody clash over the rightful owner of a female.

    The incident happened yesterday when a confrontation between two young guys at a boutique operated by the lady resulted in a brawl in the community.

    Narrating the incident on Adom FM’s Midday News, Maxwell Agbagba said the episode started when one, Kwesi Gideon; known as Rasta visited the lady who is said to be in her mid-20s at the boutique shop operated by her.

    While at the boutique, another guy, Yaw Asamoah approached him and demanded that he leaves the location as the lady he was visiting was his girlfriend.

    Yaw Asamoah is said to be the one who financed and stocked the boutique for the lady.

    The order to vacate the boutique led to a confrontation between the two young men leading to Asamoah hitting Rasta with a beer bottle.

    Rasta who felt defeated quickly rushed to his home also at Taifa and came out with a pump action gun; he then rushed to the neighbourhood and started shooting indiscriminately which attracted huge crowd.

    One Abass, a friend of Rasta who carried a gallon of petrol and accompanied Rasta to the neighbourhood was attacked by the charged crowd and was lynched by the crowd after Rasta sensing danger run to seek refuge in someone’s room.

    A Toyota Corolla vehicle which they drove to the location was also set ablaze by the charged crowd in the process. The angry mob also chased Rasta to his hideout and ordered him to come out of the room.

    Alarmed by this, Rasta shot into the crowd from inside the room, killing one person who also happened to be a brother of his rival, Yaw Asamoah. He however managed to escape but was arrested by the police later.

    Calm has however been restored at Taifa with the lady at the centre of the controversy being detained at the Kwabenya Police Station where his statement would be taken.

    Rasta has also been arrested and sent to the Madina Police station. Security have also beefed up at the location.