Tyson vs Wilder III: Tyson Fury knocks Wilder down to win contest

    Tyson Fury has knocked down Deontay Wilder in the 11th round of their third rematch of the boxing contest.

    A punch in the last but one round was enough to send Wilder who looked tired in the contest down and suffer two straight defeats.

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    The 3rd bout was arranged after Fury scored a seventh-round TKO win in their February 2020 rematch, following through on his vow to knock out Wilder after battling to a draw in December 2018.

    Wilder has insisted the result of the rematch was caused by everything from his water potentially being drugged, his corner conspiring against him and Fury using performance-enhancing drugs and loading his gloves. After battling through arbitration to enforce his rematch clause, Wilder now gets the opportunity to try and right what he feels is the ultimate wrong.


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