UCC robbery hoax: We’re still not safe; beef up security – Students to mgt

    Students of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) have called on the management of the school to intensify security on the campus following a robbery hoax Monday night.

    There was a purported armed robbery attack on the campus, which the police and the management of the school later described as a hoax.

    Social media was awash with rumours that two students had been stabbed.

    But the Director of Public Affairs of the University, Major Rtd Kofi Baah Benkum, told the media on Tuesday, 13 October 2020 that the incident was not true

    He said: “We have done thorough investigations and nothing of the sort happened on UCC campus last night.

    “What I suspect is that somebody pranked all of us and sadly he has been able to succeed”.

    “We have fallen for the prank and people have added all manner of stories to it that people are even dead and all that.

    “We cannot find any victims of this so-called robbery.

    “These things happen. If you have realised, occasionally they do it to the Fire Service, the Ambulance Service,” he explained.

    Class91.3FM’s regional correspondent, Raymond Coffie, further reported that while the students ran to take cover when they heard of the alleged attacks, some got injured and were admitted to the hospital, adding that, others have been treated and discharged this morning.

    He also said that no case has been reported to the police.

    Additionally, no items have been confirmed missing.

    According to him, however, some students raised security concerns.

    They bemoaned how the numerous unapproved routes to the university campus serve as breeding grounds for various crimes.

    “According to them, even though what happened last night was a hoax, they still do not feel safe. Therefore, they are calling on the university authorities, especially the university security unit to tighten up their security because considering what happened last night, if, indeed, it was true, the people [armed robbers] might have gone without being noticed,”  Mr Coffie told Kofi Oppong Asamoah on Class91.3FM’s midday news programme 12 Live.

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