The Deputy Brong Ahafo Regional Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has called for an end to what he describes as the ‘unwarranted attacks’ on the Law Professor, Rayond Atuguba.

Eric Adjei in an opinion piece to GhanaNewsPage.Com argued that the law professor is only seeking to defend his client, Prof Avoke on the University of Education (UEW) saga and that does should not grant anyone the license to insult him.

Read his opinion piece below:

It is not surprising why many people who have distinguished themselves in various fields of endeavor do want to join the political front to help address the challenges that confront our country. Due to partisan politics, undeserving people now use unprintable and abusive words against people who have excelled in their careers. Can we not for once make our case without insulting personalities?

The recent brouhaha concerning the Supreme Court ruling on the Vice chancellor of UEW has been a classic case. For those in academia, we know what it takes to rise to the enviable position of an Associate Professor.

It is rather sad that, people who will struggle to even gather data and present a good research for a bachelor’s degree will hide behind partisan politics to insult the person of Prof. Raymond Atuguba. Let it be stated clearly that, no amount of insults on the person of Prof. Atuguba can tarnish his hard won reputation. He has excelled and distinguisded himself as a lawyer and academic. It is an undeniable fact that, Prof Raymond Atuguba is one of the finest legal brains Ghana has ever produced.

It is very disheartening that, one Dawda Eric among others who are been sponsored by some NPP bigwigs are trying all possible means  to attack the personality of Professor Atuguba suggesting he has been tribalistic and ethnocentric. Any person who knows the caliber of Prof Atuguba will easily discard these unwarranted statements.  Prof. Atuguba as a distinguished lawyer and academic has worked and continues to work with people irrespective of their political, social, ethnic or religious background and has never been tribalistic.

Clearly, these are efforts to get the attention of Ghanaians from the main subject and the interference of government in the running of our universities. Prof Atuguba as counsel for the Prof. Avoke has made his case clearly which has been affirmed by the supreme court that, due process was not followed in the removal of Prof. Avoke. It is sad that, all efforts are been made to sway our attention from the substantive issues.

Over the past months, the NPP government has shown gross incompetence by unnecessarily interfering in the affairs of university education. Let it be stated clearly that, our country thrives on the rule of law and any attempt to undermine the rule of law by this current government for their political mischief will be strongly objected by the good people of this country.

In conclusion, let me paraphrase the words of the Vice president Dr. Bawumia, the NPP can engage in all insults and attacks on personalities they want but the decisions of the supreme courts and chancellors of various institutions will expose them. God bless our country and save us from the hands of this super-incompetent NPP government.

Eric Adjei

Deputy Brong- Ahafo communication officer for NDC


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