Unauthorised buildings to be demolished – KMA boss

    The Kumasi Mayor, Osei Assibey Antwi, has revealed plans by the Kumasi Metropolitan Authority (KMA) to demolish illegal buildings posing danger to human lives in the metropolis.

    “Any property that is found to be unauthorised will go, and any property that is posing threat will also go,” he said.

    His comment comes after a three-storey building at Subin, near the Asafo Interchange, sunk, posing danger to lives on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

    “The awareness has already been created, because getting to about four months, we have been moving round with you. We have been telling the public. We have been advising them. We have even demolished some of the properties, especially those at Nhyiaeso and Krofrom,” he indicated.

    Mr Assibey said the KMA has hired the services of a Brazilian construction firm, Contracta Construction, to pull down the sinking building.

    The Central Market to Asafo Interchange road stretch has been blocked due to the exercise, and Mr Assibey has advised drivers and the general public to use alternative roads as “we are all waiting for the heavy duty equipment that is being provided by Contracta to come and do the demolishing”.

    He said some structures that are very near to the sinking building will be affected “but we would need engineers’ report before it will also go, because I can’t just stand here and tell you, I’m bringing all of them down. First of all the engineers would have to come and conduct structural integrity test and based on the report, then the Assembly will take a decision”.

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