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Some Heads of Senior High Schools (SHSs) in the Eastern Region have rejected newly trained graduate teachers posted to their schools to teach students under the Gold Track system of the Free Senior High School Policy.

According to the headmasters, the teachers posted to teach certain-subjects did not have enough knowledge about the subjects.

The headmaster of the Kade Senior High School, Emmanuel Nana Yaw Danquah said, aside that, the services of some of the teachers were not needed because the school did not offer the subjects they have been posted to teach.

Unqualified Gold track teachers rejected by headmasters

“They have sent teachers or students who have done let’s say health education to come and teach Maths, they sent more of Asante Twi teachers to us here but we don’t do Asante Twi and even most of them indicated that they didn’t do Twi so you could see that it has been done in a bit of haste,” he lamented.

He added that some teachers with qualification in health education have been posted to teach Maths.

This he explained as unreasonable as they would not be knowledgeable enough to impart the students with the needed information.

The headmaster added that he had written a letter to the Regional Directorate of GES, releasing the teachers for reposting while requesting for qualified teachers for specific subjects needed.

“So we have written letters to take them back to the Regions and GES office to repost them to schools that need such teachers. Right now I am not getting – Physics, Chemistry, CRS.

Meanwhile Danquah said he has asked the teachers on the Green Track to remain as he await the GES to bring in the ‘qualified ’teachers.

He however noted that students could not be left in the classrooms unattended to as they awaited new set of teachers needed for the specific subjects to take over from the green track teachers.