African American kids smiling.

A pediatrician at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr Hilda Boyen has said that children who are sexually abused or gets an infection in their urinary tract are prone to kidney failure.

Dr Boyen revealed in an interview on Accra-based Adom FM that when children tend to pass out urine at closer intervals, there’s possibility that the child is suffering from infections.

The medical doctor therefore called on parents to regularly have medical check ups so the symptoms can be detected early and solutions found for the medical solution to be found for the problem.

She named symptoms such as urinating at shorter intervals, vagina itch and vomiting as some of the symptoms of the medical condition.

According to her, these infections come about when one cleans the anus through to the vagina instead of it being done the other way round.

Constant use of public facilities, she said is also a major factor to getting infected.

The health professional therefore advised people to desist from keeping urine for longer periods in their bladders since it can also be dangerous to the urinary bladder.

She has therefore advised school heads to build more toilet facilities to avoid the spread of infections especially amongst children.

She cautioned church members to keep their various washrooms clean to avoid the spread of infections since adults can also get affected.

Source: Ghana | | Belinda Amoako Arthur