Use music to promote tourism – Shatta Wale appeals to Government

    Shatta Wale addressed issues about the music industry in Ghana in a press conference on 2nd June 2021  which was monitored by Ghana News Page. He called on the distribution and use of music to promote tourism.

    Amongst other things, he argued that music as a tourism tool will set the country on a global path. As well as bring in sustainable development.
    He said, “ I want to plead with the leadership of the state to institute an agenda. To use music as a tourism tool to promote the country. If the state can spend 10% of sports budget on music, I am sure it will set us on the road to global heights.”

    Shatta Wale also called for a reorganization of the Ghanaian music scene to be more inclusive of other regions. He reasoned that the saturation of events in Accra stifles the growth of music in other areas.
    He said, “It must not continue to happen that all major music shows only happen in Accra. We must be able to hold big and popular events that happen annually in different parts of the country.”

    He concluded by saying that this move would ensure that new talents unearthed from all over the country. And for investors to also considering pushing money into developing these areas to support music growth.

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