GhanaNewsPage.Com has sighted a video where an unidentified man is seeing being lashed by a woman who seems to be his girlfriend.

We learnt that the man, was caught cheating on his girlfriend. In anger, the lady lashed him for his promiscuity.

Some people find the video funny however, if it were the other way round, all hell would break loose.

In the video the lady was heard shouting;

what the hell is wrong with you! what the hell is wrong with you!! what the hell is wrong with you!!!” as she mercilessly caned the gentleman. Cheating is obviously not good, but canning him equally not good.

No action should merit such a dehumanising treatment.



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I can’t stop laughing 😂 Now if you cheat, you chop canes ? 😂😂 Canes are soon gonna be the biggest commodity in Ghana then 😆

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