VIDEO: Boss gives worker GHc1.5 million to buy a house, raises salary by GHc84,000

    A woman known as Angel working at a sporting shop has narrated her story about how she became pregnant and lost her old job as a restaurant manager.

    Confiding in a new worker, the woman said that she and her children have been living in a shelter. Before getting to that place, they at different times slept at bus stops, Goal Cast reports.

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    While revealing her secrets, the woman did not know that she was being filmed and the new worker was helping to do just that.

    It turned out that the person that she had been talking to all the while was actually her boss. The CEO had shaved his head and grew a bushy moustache to create a perfect disguise.

    To present the lady with the biggest surprise of her life, she was invited to a ceremony she thought was a sales pitch for the company.

    At the event, the CEO announced that he would be promoting the woman to an assistant manager and she would get a $14,000 (GHc84,000) raise.

    That was not all, the man gave her a $250,000 (GHc1.5 million) cheque to get herself a place.

    He said: ”I don’t want you living at that homeless shelter ever again.”

    When Angel got the cheque and saw the amount, she collapsed on the floor in big disbelief.

    In reaction, she said:



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