Morning Show presenter, Captain Smart has encouraged Ghanaian Christians not to allow ‘just any Pastor’ to lay his hands on them.

Speaking as a guest preacher at a Church of Pentecost Assembly in France, the firebrand Morning Show presenter said not all Pastors in the country have the grace to impact great things into people’s lives.

“There’s no pastor in Ghana who you can call to pray for you…there’s no Pastor powerful and better than any Pastor in the Church of Pentecost…in the name of God, I am begging you in the name of God do not go to any Pastor to pray for you…there are some people when they lay their hands on you, they are taking your head away, but there are other Pastors when they lay their hands on you, you go in the glory of God…,” he said.

According to Captain Smart, some of the Pastors in Ghana just travel to Europe with the aim of making more euros by praying for people and not seeking the welfare of the people they pray for.

“When other Pastors travel from Ghana to come and pray for you, they need your Euro, they don’t need you to prosper…,” he said.

He further entreated the congregation to know how unique they are as a people and never allow people to talk them into leaving the Church of Pentecost for other churches.

Watch Captain Smart preach below:


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