VIDEO: Ghanaian men explain why they prefer to wash their wife’s panties


    In our part of the world, it is inappropriate to see a man washing his wife’s ‘undies’ or pants. Any man seen in the act is normally ridiculed and tagged as “Barima kotobonku” and given other derogatory names.

    Well, it may seem wrong to others who think a man loses his respect gradually by doing that. But to Manasseh Azure Awuni, he sees absolutely nothing wrong with it. For him, if this is a way of showing love to his wife, he would gladly do it than buying expensive stuff for her. He stressed that it is something he will do with pride because to him, men who do that prove they are the real men.

    Manasseh Azure at the launch of his book, ‘Letters to My Future Wife’, on Wednesday, May 3 revealed washing his wife’s underwear during their honeymoon. The revelation was made after his wife, Rebecca Eduafo-Abraham, had indicated that whoever thought Manasseh did not mean those words should wait till she tells their marriage story at a later date.

    Below are excerpts from Manasseh Azure’s write-up, ‘A LETTER TO MY FUTURE WIFE: Why I will wash your pants’ and one would have to backtrack if there was ever a doubt about the ace journalist’s ability to act on his word.

    “I will wash your pants any day. You don’t need to fall sick. I will gladly wash your pants anytime there’s the need to do so. I will wash them any day of the month. That is my answer. And it is the truth you wanted to hear from me.

    “Washing my partner’s clothes will not shrink the size of my manhood. It will not make me less intelligent. It doesn’t take anything away from me. So don’t be worried that if you fall ill in our marriage, I will pile up everything you have to do until you recover. I am a real man, Serwaa. Trust me! A man who cannot wash your pant is not worthy of taking that pant off you.”

    This whole brouhaha has caused a stir on social media as some people are seen criticising him for his act.

    It is said there’s no limit to how far love can take one on a journey, who knows what some men do for their wives behind closed doors.

    This is why GhanaWeb set out to ask men if they would ever wash their wife’s panties and under what circumstance would they or would they not wash it.

    Results from their answers showed they would gladly do it as love is what matters. To others, although circumstances might lead them to do it, they still feel it’s not out of place for a man to do that provided there is love.

    Watch responses from the men who would wash their woman’s panties below.