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It is common for an African woman to give birth and give the child to a family member to nurture but not common for a sister to deny the biological mother access to her child.

Adwoa Kyem, a woman in her 50’s report her blood sister called Agyeiwaa is denying her access to see her child whose custody was given to her (Agyeiwaa) by the family, an act she see as stealing.

Speaking to Talklife TV, Adwoa Kyem explained that, due to a postpartum illness, the family elders decided that, Agyeiwaa, her blood sister should take care of the child since she does not have a child of her own.

It took days of persuasion before Agyeiwaa agreed to take custody of the child. After some years, Adwoa tried to visit her sister and also to create a relationship with her son so the child will know his other siblings but all to no avail.

A family confidant confirmed Adwoa Akyem’s story and added that all attempts to get Agyeiwaa to reason with the family to let the child return to her biological mother and the rest of the family has proven futile.

Currently in his early 30’s, the child, now a grown up man is domiciled in America and visit home once a while.


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