VIDEO: How Prophet Amoako Atta PROPHESIED Bogoso explosion

    The Founder and Leader of he Lords Parliament Chapel, Apostle Francis Amoako Atta prophesied the explosion at Apiati near Bogosu in the Prestea-Huni alley Municipality of the Western Region.

    The man of God appearing on Angel TV on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 called on Ghanaians to pray for the nation as according to him what was about to happen would not be pleasant at all.

    He commenced his prophesies about what was to come by foretelling the earthquake in South Africa; he then continued that Ghana would be the next nation in Africa to experience a misfortune after the South African disaster.

    And true to his words, the town of Appiati near Bogoso experienced what many have termed as one of the worst disasters that have ever happened in Ghana.

    He mentioned that there would be an earthquake in South Africa which would be the beginning of disasters in Africa.

    The man of God although didn’t mention explicitly that Ghana would be the next destination of the disaster.

    Watch the full video below:



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