VIDEO: ‘I won’t allow my only son to be a Journalist’ – Nana Yaa Konadu

    Famous radio presenter, Nana Yaa Konadu has said she does not intend to permit her only son to take over from her when she exists the Journalism profession.

    In an exclusive interview on Owners of Tomorrow, hosted by Nana Abena Frema Takyin on KNM TV on YouTube, the soft-spoken news caster at Despite Media said she would rather prefer that the boy tills the land other than becoming part of the inky fraternity.

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    She said she has noticed that the only son prefers to be a farmer so she will ensure that he tills the land other than become a journalist.

    “My son won’t be a journalist, as he keeps growing, I have seen he has starting discovering himself…he likes farming so I would want him to be a farmer…,” she said.

    Watch the full interview below:


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