VIDEO: Kantanka vehicle calls Akufo-Addo a thief


    President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo seems to have found himself at the wrong end of the witty ingenuity of inventor Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka.

    A security feature installed in one of the vehicles outdoored by the Sarfo Kantanka automobile company exposes a third party who doesn’t own it but gets too comfortable over a period of time.

    As is custom of Sarfo Kantanka products, all voice features/installations are in the twi local dialect hence it came as no surprise when the voice notifications from the car was barking orders to bystanders to pave way when it was reversing among other actions.

    What however intrigued many gathered to watch the exhibits was when a car in which President Akufo-Addo was made to sit in to experience firsthand its features called the first gentleman of the land a thief after he alighted from it.

    “Thief, thief… I’ve been robbed. Don’t you know that you are stealing from Odeneho Kantanka engineer 1? I’m not going to move and go anywhere. I’ll make noise until everyone is alerted of your presence”, the installed voice of the car announced.

    The notification was met with a roar of laughter at the grounds. Perhaps to clear the air, Apostle Safo Kantanka explained that the President got that treatment because he was not the owner of the car.

    President Akufo-Addo joined hundreds of Ghanaians to celebrate the innovative works of the founder of Kantanka Technology Center for Excellence of Apostle, Dr Kwadwo Sarfo on Sunday.

    The 37th edition of the programme saw the display of locally made luxury cars including the Kantanka Mensah which is priced at GHC130,000 and the Kantanka Amoanimaa, which is sold at GHC70,000. Several other inventions were displayed.