VIDEO: Kumkum Bhagya host ‘punches’ UTV

    You would recall that in 2014, UTV revolutionized the showing of telenovelas in the country by holding the discussions for the telenovelas in the local language, Twi and that created a new level of interest for telenovelas on TV as those who couldn’t understand the English language were able to follow the storyline as the hosts try to narrate what happened in each episode before and even after the telenovela.

    Ghana witnessed a new trend because our ‘moms’ who were mostly traders and perhaps illiterates were also able to enjoy the telenovelas and UTV garnered lots of following and viewership because of that idea they introduced.

    They went to the markets, were the majority of the viewers were and interacted with them and gave them an opportunity to join the discussion.

    UTV had started a telenovela titled ‘Wild At Heart’ and people fell in love with the lead character in the telenovela, who was known as Maricruz.

    The market women composed songs for her.

    “Eeei, Maricruz, Maricruz, di asa, di sa, eeei”–I think that’s a line from one of the famous songs they sang–lol

    When UTV realized people had fallen in love with the lead character, they announced and advertised that they were bringing Maricruz to Ghana.

    After several weeks of people waiting anxiously to see if UTV would bring the Mexican star to Ghana, it became apparent that it was just it was never going to happen–they disappointed the fans.

    Fast forward, Adom TV became popular when they started airing a new telenovela titled ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ where the original language of the telenovela had been translated to Twi.

    We’ve seen TV stations translate foreign movies to Twi, Ga and even Ewe but Adom TV became the first TV station to translate a whole Indian telenovela to Twi–Something that gave them popularity as it is still the most watched telenovela in Ghana.

    They announced they were going to bring some of the stars in the telenovela to Ghana and as promised, they are finally in Ghana and would be meeting their fans at the stadium tonight and on Saturday and Sunday in two other regions.

    Most people thought they were just bragging but Adom TV, who’s rival is UTV have fulfilled their promise and it’s no surprise, they would want to boast about being the first tv station to do this.

    The host of the show, Tima Yeboah in an Instagram video, took a subtle swipe at UTV for not being able to honor their word when they bragged some years ago that they were going to bring down Maricruz and went ahead to let them know that, they have done theirs—We don’t just brag, we do it!

    Watch the video below:




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