A police station in the Kitale area of Kenya on June 8 was the venue of a dramatic scene involving a man who who could not pull out of his landlady.

A teeming crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of this bizarre sight.

The story is told of the management of Baraka Hotel in Kitale hearing a cry for help from one of their rooms.

Upon forcing their way into the room, attendants at the hotel were faced with what would probably be one of the most awkward occurrences of their life.

According to reports, the man in question is a married man.

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His wife is said to have been in town for business on that day.

Apparently, she had beforehand lodged a complaint with the police about what she believes was an affair between her husband and the said woman.

Her suspicions were based on an instinctive observation. According to her, whenever her husband was out to Kitale, the land lady also “disappears”. She then approached a spiritualist for help.

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On the fateful day that her husband informed her that he was going to Kitale, the aggrieved woman set her spiritual plans in action.

It is not clear what police investigations would conclude on.