VIDEO: Meet the bread seller who was ‘mocked’ by John Dumelo


    Bread seller whose picture generated a lot of backlash for actor John Dumelo doesn’t seem perturbed by the media frenzy or the post by the actor.

    “I want to create businesses and motivate the young guys… I love brands, I’m a marketing guy and that’s what I want to do when I turn 45 or 60”, he stated when sought his reaction to John Dumelo’s post.

    Godfred Obeng Boateng is an entrepreneur who owns the A1 Bakery, a business he’s been running for the past 6years but stated that he enjoys joining his workers on the streets to get the feedbacks firsthand.

    “I’m getting to know what people want, I’m getting to know the moods of people, their emotion… I really wanted be a part of the hawkers to know how the whole thing is about and get a feel of it,” the KNUST graduate added.

    John Dumelo earlier posted on his Instagram page a photo of the A1 Bakery CEO, Godfred Obeng Boateng selling bread on the street and wrote: “Just saw a KNUST grad hawking in traffic…What went wrong?” Some Ghanaians, who were not amused descended heavily on the actor over the post.

    Musician A-Plus who was angry over the post charged Dumelo to take it down.

    “I’m angry!!! Every day I post my opinion. Today I’m posting my anger. John Dumelo remove this post from Instagram now!!! A bread seller is a human being. You can’t just take pictures of people and post it on your page for attention. A bread seller has right which must be respected. A bread seller is better than an armed robber!!! A bread seller is better than a drug dealer!!! It’s better for a person to hawk on the streets than to indulge in crime. I’m looking for this bread seller. John Dumelo must apologise to him. Or prepare for a legal battle!!!” he posted on his Facebook wall.