VIDEO: Meet the first educated Man from Zambulkura in North East Region

    Ghana is one of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa that has developed its educational and health needs of its people.

    Even though there are many policies and programs that makes it possible for an all benefit from such programs, locations of some people have deprived them of these benefits.

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    A typical example is ZAMBULKURA, A town in the North East Region of Ghana. Located at some 20kilometres away from the Regional Capital Nalerigu, ZAMBULKURA has no school nor hospital until the first person to have hail from the village that was lucky to have sent to leave with an Auntie in the city was Enskinned as the Chief.

    Chief Maxwell Tidor Koligu after been able to school outside the Village is now working as a civil servant and using His resources to develop the educational infrastructure and health needs of his people.

    In an interview with Nana Yaa Konadu, he outlined the then sorry state of the Indegenes and effort to make life a bit meaningful to His People.

    A RESCUE MISSION TO ZAMBULKURA Has been set up with the sole aim of getting support to complete what has been started already.

    To get more insight into the situation, follow the link below for the full interview.

    He is calling on cooperate entities, NGOs and individuals to help his people.

    To support this project, call or inbox us on 0244272591


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