VIDEO: Most Ghanaian Youth are ‘Lazy’ and ‘Dream Killers’ – Nana Yaa Konadu

    Radio presenter at the Despite Media Group, Nana Yaa Konadu Yiadom, has described as a section of the Youth in Ghana as ‘lazy’ and ‘dream killers’.

    According to her, most of the youth do not want to work for what they dream of but still want ‘flashy things’; a situation which she said has accounted for the increase in promiscuity in the country these days.

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    “Most Ghanaian Youth are lazy, they do not want to work but want flashy things that is why they have turned ‘ashawos’ and that has also led to the increase in STIs…,” she said.

    She added that these ‘same people who want to drive post cars, put on flying tyres and suits are the same people who would collapse every business you employ them to do.’

    “Let me put this bluntly, most Ghanaian Youth are not just lazy but also dream killers and people who also have the mentality that they would steal from employers all the time…,” she said.

    The broadcaster who was speaking on Owners of Tomorrow on KNM TV said she is not surprised most of the Youth are not doing well in recent times because of this attitude.


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