VIDEO of man lynched over woman in Taifa pops up


    Being loyal to a friend obviously did not end well for him. Maxwell who decided to support his friend Gideon, the Rastaman alleged to have shot another (Abass) over a woman met his untimely death when he was lynched by an angry mob in Taifa-Burkina on Thursday 11 May.

    Maxwell had to pay the price for the ‘shot’ fired from the gun of his friend.

    The two, Gideon and Abass were said to have been arguing over a lady when Abass struck Gideon, hurting his arm in the process.

    Gideon, infuriated by the act threatened to kill Abass. He dashed to his house and returned with a pump action gun and started a confrontation with one of those who attacked him.

    In the process, the crowd which had gathered, charged on him and in his defense, he gave a warning shot and run to a friend’s house nearby to shield himself from further attacks. Gideon is reported to have fired the shot through the door he was hiding behind when the mob tried to push through and enter the house, killing Abass in the process.

    Reports suggest that Maxwell escorted Gideon at the time the latter had returned with the gun after threatening Abass.

    The crowd who obviously were enraged by the act pursued Gideon and Maxwell whom they identified as his friend. It seemed quite a luckless day for Maxwell who was apprehended after the long chase and given a massive drubbing that ended his life.

    In this video taken by an eyewitness at the scene, Maxwell who was visibly badly beaten with blood oozing from his body, laid helplessly on the ground as the crowd looked on with no one ready to help.