VIDEO of SHS Boy and Girlfriend’s dance causes anger


    Two senior high school students, a male and his female partner, have caused a stir on social media.

    This follows the emergence video of them engaged in a wild dance and other playful acts in class.

    In the video sighted by GhanaNewsPage.Com, the fair-complexioned boy is seen standing behind the dark-complexioned lady in what looks like their classroom.

    Video of Free SHS students raunchy dance to Shatta Wale's Miss Money causes stir

    Playing in the background is Shatta Wale’s Miss Money song featuring Medikal which they danced to.

    The boy grinds the girl who cheerfully twists and whines for him. And he even tried to touch the girl’s nether regions before she pulled up his hands to her chest.

    At a point, the dance got so intense that the boy’s touching led to the girl’s underwear showing in the video before she quickly pulled down her dress to cover up.

    As if their raunchy dance was not enough, the two were later spotted in a cosy mood while the boy played with the girl.

    It is not known what is the relationship between the two students but with this amount of touching and playing, it is very likely that they have something intimate going on.

    The video of the two students has stirred displeasure among social media users since it popped up online. Many people have criticised the duo for their actions.