VIDEO: Only witches defend NDC ‘thieves’ – Abronye


    A New Patriotic Party (NPP) Communicator, Kwame Baffoe, has tagged persons who would troop to the courts to support people in the previous Mahama administration who would be taking to court for looting the state coffers as wizards and witches.

    Abronye DC as he is known and called speaking on Adom FM Monday described as a wicked act the looting of the resources of the state and hence persons who engage in such acts do not deserve to be praised.

    “Wizardly is not only about killing and destroying people, taking what does not belong to only you amounts to wizardly as well and these people have taking something meant for the common good so they can be termed as witches and wizards who do not seek the common good of the country,” he said.

    Kwame Baffoe was commenting on a revelation that the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) blew a whopping $ 4.5 million on the construction of recreational site, Rattray Park.

    GHC 7 million cedis (70 billion) out of the amount was spent on fencing the park which boasts of only eighteen tress according to Captain Smart.

    An amount of 1200 was also spent on the purchasing of eggs for the workers of the facility while an amount of GHC 5.95 million was costed as Miscellaneous.

    The fountain at the facility also cost 150,000 dollars.

    This revelation, Kwame Baffoe said points to how some state actors have looted the coffers of the state and hence demanded their prosecution.

    He however warned that the time was up for supporters of the previous administration to desist from trooping to the courts and premises of investigative bodies to offer support for them.

    “Hence all people who would be trooping to the court to support such acts can be described as witches and wizards because only witches and wizards back people who engage in wicked acts…,” he said.

    To Abronye DC, the country would have witnessed a revolution in the way in which monies stolen from the state coffers are recovered if Nana Addo had appointed him to the office of the special prosecutor.

    “Am just happy that Nana Addo didn’t appointed me to the office of the special prosecutor…we would have witnessed a revolution in the strategies used,” he said.

    Watch Abronye’s describe state looters as witches below: