VIDEO: Sick Ghanaian Law Maker transported to Parliament in an Ambulance to pass E-levy Bill

    The Minister for Chieftaincy and Culture has allegedly been transported to Parliament in an ambulance to help with the passage of the e-levy bill currently before the house.

    According to Accra-based Starr FM, Alexander Kojo-Kum was ferried to the house under emergency circumstances to help pass the controversial bill which was withdrawn and re-laid before the august house.

    The Ahanta West MP has not been to Parliament for sometime now because of ill-health.

    Starr FM and GH One claim that the Law Maker despite being sick has been forced to attend Parliamentary sitting because the Majority in Parliament needs the numbers to pass the bill.

    A section of Ghanaians led by the Minority have rejected the passage of the bill which is an additional tax on the Ghanaian. This has caused the government to embark on various townhall meetings to explain the bill.

    Interestingly, the majority has lacked the numbers to pass the bill and this led them to call on the gravely ill MP to come to the house and assist with its passage.

    Below is the purported video of the MP being ferried to Parliament in an Ambulance:



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