Video: The fan Kojo Antwi ‘killed’


    When the Akan tells you “waku me” (you’ve killed me), it means one of only two things – you have actually done the unthinkable – dealt him/her a deadly blow that could speed the transition to the other world, or on a different occasion, you have just blessed him/her beyond the wildest imagination or expectation with an unexpected intervention or goodie. The Ga equivalent is even more explosive – “obge mi”.

    The latter version is what music Maestro, Kojo Antwi (The Supremo and King of Love Songs) chose to do to 30-year-old Flow, real name Ama Nyarkoa.

    Flow had reserved a ticket to attend The Precious Gift of Love Concert by Kojo Antwi, slated for Boxing Day 2017, and duly made her way to the concert venue, the Omanye Banquet Hall of Labadi Beach Hotel.

    She danced and sang, virtually every line of the many songs of her favourite artiste, jumping and sometimes melting into the indulging lyrics. “It was the best” show, she would tell Graphic Online.

    Unknown to her, Kojo Antwi was keeping a little secret of hers. When that story was told, she buried her face in her hands, surprised and honoured, unsure what was happening was real. She departed after the show with a gift from Kojo himself – a full piece kente cloth she was pressing close to her chest.

    And here is the story:

    She had dialled advertised numbers for ticket reservations to the concert. A male voice at the other end had taken her details and assured her of a seat.

    Unsure if this reservation would yield the desired result or end up with an apology, she had insisted the ‘receptionist’ be truthful with her. Will I get it? If you fail me come to my house to pick my corpse for Kojo Antwi, she had said.

    Back to the concert hall, the voice on the other end turned out to belong to Kojo Antwi himself, who told patrons he wanted to serve them personally for the years of dedication to his programmes. To do so he had assumed a cover name and tweaked his voice to avoid being noticed. Everyone was surprised and cheered the effort.

    A number of those he had personally interacted with on phone he called up stage or simply stood up to be acknowledged by the packed hall.

    Flow after the show wore that big, happy grin, ‘very surprised’ ‘all this’ ‘not expected’ really happened to her.

    She recalled having saved the contact number about a year ago and was unsure if it would lead her anywhere.

    “I saved the number a year ago so I was not sure it would work. When the call went through the voice on the other side said he was Miguel and works with Kojo Antwi so I reserved the ticket and told him not to disappoint or they would come for my dead body,” recounted the General Manager of Burger & Relish, Osu, Accra, who said she could sing line-by-line of no less than 95 percent, “if not all” of Kojo Antwi’s songs.