VIDEO: When the #Fixthecountry activist who was killed in Ejura was BURIED

    In the early hours of today 29th June 2021, some Military men of the Ghana Armed Forces were deployed to Ejura to ease the tension that has been rising for the past few days following the killing of Kaaka, one of the #FixTheCountry activists.

    The deceased, Ibrahim Muhammed, who’s also believed to be a member of the Economic Fighters League, and recently the #FixTheCountry movement, is reported to have been attacked by a mob at about 1:30 am on Saturday, June 26, 2021.

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    His shout for help drew the attention of some residents of Sabonline, a Zongo community in the Ejura township, but they came in late to find him lying unconscious.

    He was however pronounced dead by the doctors few days ago and this has caused an unrest in the country.

    The Military men who were sent to bring peace to the people of Ejura ended up shooting two civilians who died on the spot with several of them injured.

    Meanwhile, Ghanaians are calling on the President to put a leash on his security men and end the brutality that has sent the country and it’s citizens into a panic mode.


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