Former AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Mensah has said denouncing her HIV status was to save her son from the public stigmatization.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, many Ghanaians believed was HIV positive and served for 5 years as an official HIV/AIDS Ambassador for Ghana AIDS Commission.

Five years later, she came public to say her HIV status was a sham – thus, she never contracted the deadly disease.

Explaining herself, she said she did what she did to help the AIDS Commission create awareness for the dreaded HIV/AIDS virus – plus she was treated as Ishmael by family and friends.

She later changed her story and indicated that she was HIV positive but had been cured. She went into hibernation only to resurface with another story cynics may consider cock and bull.

However, she narrated what ensued between Ghana AIDS Commission and her, concerning the task she was given and how they terminated the contract abruptly when she openly denounced her HIV status.

According to Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, the doctor who conducted series of test to prove if she had contracted HIV, revealed she has never contracted HIV/AIDS.

“My son was the reason I denounced my HIV/AIDS status because he was stigmatized in school. My son complained to me how his school colleagues mocked him because of my HIV/AIDS campaign. He told me to stop the Ambassadorial duties or he will stop schooling and I had no option than to heed to my son’s decision.

“I still had sex without protection with my husband but I don’t know about his status.” Joyce Dzidzor Mensah told Vibes in 5.