There is a rising trend of which the youth in recent times sniff glue and drink perfume to make them feel “high and hyper”.

An investigation piece by PEACE FM’s reporter Isaac Oduro revealed that, most of these youth in their hideout locally known as ‘ghettos’, are gradually adopting the system of inhaling glue and drinking perfumes to get high.

The intake of tramadol which was heavily abused by the youth has been minimize after several education by government and institutions on the effects of the drug – but, Isaac Oduro says this new found abuse is likely escalate.

Isaac Oduro, who visited some hideouts in the capital, Accra reported that – glue and perfume are “high commodities” in the ghettos.

According to him, ‘ghetto boys’ now prefer glue and perfume to tramodol because “of the feelings after the intake.”

“I take weed, I take tramadol, I take Ashish (mixture of weed and cordain) and also take other mixtures but when I inhale the glue, it gives me different highness,” an addict in his 20s told Isaac Oduro

Another addict said “when I inhale the glue, I feel like I can carry a building and if I inhale it I can talk anyhow or do anything”.

The addicts however revealed that “the intake of glue and perfume is popular in Nigerian and Niger”.

Watch video below: