VIDEOS: Nigerian Slay Queen Confesses Sleeping With Dogs In Dubai For Money


    One of the Nigerian slay queens who was captured having unprotected sex with dogs in Dubai for huge sums of money finally breaks the silence.Video Player

    The lady whose name is unknown has asked her fellow Nigerians to stop lambasting her because she hasn’t killed a human being.

    According to the lady whose video is still making rounds on social media, she hasn’t gotten any infection from sleeping with the dogs so her critics should seize their fire.

    “What Is the big deal there. I only slept with a dog, I did not kill anybody. You in your life you’ve done worse. Besides in your life have you seen 1.4 million naira before? As if it’s a big deal, I only slept with a dog I did not kill anybody and mind you I’m not infected or anything so stop dying on the matter, I’m enjoying the money,” she said in a video that has since gone viral.

    Now the boyfriend says he cannot stay with her and she is crying.

    Meanwhile, a TV presenter in Ghana has described how Slay Queens manage to sleep with dogs: