Voting Isaac Adongo into parliament was a complete waste of time – Group


    Concerned Voters Movement (CVM), has said that voters in the Bolgatanga Central Constituency of the Upper East Region made a big mistake by voting for Hon. Isaac Adongo to represent them in Parliament.

    This comes on the back of comments made by the MP after Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta’s reading of the 2018 budget statement.

    Speaking to Ghanaweb after the reading of the 2018 Budget, the Bolga MP said the statement was a mere compilation of lengthy and boring grammar intended to cover up the crux of the issues as they are on the ground.

    “You saw that we were sleeping at some point, it was too much English”, he said.

    He argued that the Finance Minister overgeneralized the facts which according to him should have been taken individually and dissected for the lay man to appreciate.

    In a sharp rebuttal however, Mr. Razak Kojo Opoku, Founder and President of Concerned Voters Movement, said majority of Ghanaians were not shocked to hear the comments from the honorable Member of Parliament.

    For him, it’s no surprise that all the NDC MPs were sleeping and yawning during the reading of the Budget because like academically poor students usually sleep in class during difficult lessons, minority members could not handle the depth of substance contained in the 2018 budget, hence, had to sleep.

    “Ghanaian voters in the NDC Constituencies have indeed wasted their votes on a ‘group of people suffering from the condition of sleeping sickness’ to represent them in Parliament. Hon Isaac Adongo will definitely sleep in Parliament because his BSc Brain was too weak to appreciate and understand the English (Economics Lano) used by a PhD holder Dr. Bawumia and MBA holder Ken Ofori-Atta in the writing of the Budget”, he said.

    “Isaac Adongo, please, respectfully, you need to upgrade your BSc Brain with a good PhD Teacher so that you can easily match up to Dr. Bawumia and Ken Ofori-Atta’s level of logical reasoning, common sense and academic methodology of understanding Economics”.

    “Isaac Adongo, don’t worry *we will use your home town language FRAFRA to write the next Budget* so that you can easily understand the Budget as well as avoid sleeping in Parliament”, he reportedly said.

    “We will also petition the Speaker of Parliament on behalf of Isaac Adongo so that *all Parliamentary proceedings will be translated into FRAFRA language* for Isaac Adongo since he finds it very difficult to understand the English Language”, he mocked.

    According to him, the leadership of CVM would like to thank President Akufo-Addo, Ministry of Finance, Kofi Osei-Ameyaw and Board of NLA for granting their heart desires in the 2018 Budget as far as lotto Operation is concerned in Ghana.