Wake up from your slumber – Shatta Wale to Tic Tac


    Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has observed that Tic Tac and his management have been so relaxed, a reason the hiplife artiste has failed to excel for the past few years.

    While commending Tic Tac for his decision to walk out of a live interview on GH One TV on Friday, Shatta Wale indicated that it was time Tic Tac and his team upped their game.

    “Yo Tictac tell your colleagues, you people sleep too much..wake up !!! #changeiscoming,” part of his Facebook post read.

    Tic Tac walked out of the interview because visuals of Shatta Wale’s video were playing in the background at a time he was answering questions about the feud between them.

    According to him, it was disrespectful for the station to have shown Shatta Wale’s video when he was on set for an interview.

    “Are you playing Shatta Wale’s video? Is it because we are talking about him? I did not come here to promote Shatta Wale,” he said and left the studio despite attempts by the host to offer an explanation and resolve the issue.

    Considering the feud between the two artistes, many were in an anticipation of a ‘ruthless’ reaction from Shatta Wale but to their disappointment, he rather barked Tic Tac.

    “I think Tictac really made the best move ever. This is what i have been talking about. We should respect an artiste when he is your studios or on phone talking. How can you be asking about Shatta wale whilst Tic Tac is there. My plan is working. Ghana artiste lets free ourselves from the timidity and fear…we can do this,” he noted.

    Meanwhile, Tic Tac has described Shatta Wale’s commendation as sarcastic. According to him, the response is very disrespectful.

    “We all know he plays too much. This is another disrespect. These are all part of his machinations. For me, that’s just like a sarcastic approach to the whole issue. He should just be careful with those things. I don’t want to be in that game with him,” he said on Showbiz Xtra, Saturday.

    Tic Tac – Shatta Wale beef

    The feud between Tic Tac and Shatta Wale started when the latter named the former as part of artists who are not smart, recalls.

    A displeased Tic Tac responded to the claim describing it as disrespectful.

    “Most of the young musicians don’t respect us. I mean we who made a mark in the music industry those days.

    “These days some artistes are popular and trendy because of social media so they don’t respect but when it comes to music data it count a lot, I’m saying this because the level of disrespect is too much.

    “You would hear Shatta Wale speaking against Ex Doe in an interview. Can you also imagine the same Shatta Wale revealing in an interview that me, Tic Tac, I’m not smart!” he fumed on Happy FM.