Watch Moment Brother Sammy Nearly Choked To Death Trying To Speak English – Video

    The Queen’s language, English, is our official International language and the second most spoken language in Ghana.

    Not everyone can speak the language fluently and that is not a crime at all.

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    The problem is most of these people, including celebrities force to express themselves in the queen’s language causing havoc and public disturbance.

    Brother Sammy is a well known Ghanaian musician who sings gospel effortlessly in twi but when he tries to speak English, the world comes trampling down.

    Despite trolls trying to bring him down with savage comments, Brother Sammy keeps murdering English language every chance he gets.

    His latest effort to speak English fluently went South on national television and it was more catastrophic.

    Brother Sammy nearly choked to death trying to express himself in English during an interview with Stacy Amoateng.

    When the interview began, the gospel musician was asked to tell viewers how his music journey kicked off and after two minutes of mixing English up like cocktail, he begged the host to allow him express himself in twi.

    Although his story was touching, the sorrow in the story was covered by the humor in his utterance.

    Rumor has it that most of the twi singing gospel musicians find it difficult to speak English.

    Diana Asamoah and Cecilia Marfo are also in this category. They murder English on a daily basis and do not mind what people think about them.




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