The Volta Regional branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in a Press Conference on 7, November, 2019 after the President’s tour in the region have expressed the party’s displeasure over President Nana Addo’s activities during his three days trip in some parts of the region.

Speaking during the Presser held at the party’s regional office, the Volta NDC Communication Officer, Kafui Agbleze said they were disappointed in what the President and his Ministers did during their stay.

According to him, Voltarians were expecting the President to commission or cut sod for construction of his One District One Factory programme and to inspect ongoing road projects but to their surprise non of this has happened rather students were used to hold placards with inscriptions of what the NPP government has not fulfilled.

On infrastructural development in the region, Mr. Kafui said the National Patriotic Party (NPP) has failed to complete uncompleted projects in the region saying that it is surprising to know that Nana Addo led administration is staying away from the constitutional process of continuing uncompleted works by predecessor.

“Every government, first practices, it only demands that continues projects that have been started or carry out by their predecessor and we expect that projects that have been started by his predecessor, he continues it, it is only laziness that a person who is supposed to continue that is to be done by him will shift the blame to the previous government” Kafui said.

He bemoaned on how road projects have been abandoned in the region, including the famous eastern corridor road, deplorable Sokode-Ho dual carriage road, Ho-Aflao road among numerous urban roads started by the elsewhere government.

Mr. Kafui Agbleze told journalists that, it is unfair the President cannot commission completed developmental projects established by John Mahama in the region.

Completed projects but have not yet been commission for use are, the $25m aerodrome, a Ghana Urban Management Projects (GUMP) consisting of Ho Central Market, an Abattoir, Landfill site all in the Ho Municipality.

A party activist and former party appointee, Egypt Komla Kudoto speaking on the aerodrome revealed that, monies were secured for the edifice before the NDC left power hence the NPP shouldn’t say the NDC have not finished paying the contractor.

He opined that, when the edifice is been commission, flights dealers will show interest in come to the region, which will boom the region’s economical growth and job for the people.

On Sanitation, the party revealed that many projects including water for communities started by the NDC have been abandoned by the NPP in the region,

“Projects have also been abandoned in the health, water and sanitation sectors. During the recent tour of the president at Akatsi south, The MCE appealed to the president to complete work on the expansion works on the Akatsi District Hospital. The Mahama government started expansion works on the existing hospital facilities by providing a new administration block, bungalow, children’s ward, theatre and a mortuary,

Work on this project, which was about 70% complete, was abandoned when Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP assumed office. This project, if it had been completed, would have employed more nurses and health personnel. But alas! the neglect of the project is denying the people of Akatsi South and its environs quality health delivery” Kafui Agbleze noted adding that ” another project that has been abandoned in the region is the Five District Water project located at Adidome. This project was initiated by President Mahama with the support of the Australian government. The third phase of the project, which is the distribution stage, has been abandoned by the Nana Addo government; thus denying communities within the five districts access to quality water.”

Meanwhile, during the President’s tour in the region, he mentioned that he is not selective in sharing the national cake.

“No part of part of Ghana is been left out of the initiatives of development that the Nana Akufo-Addo government has embarked on, we are not being and I am not going to be selective some area voted for us so they will get this another area did not vote for us so they will not get this, that is not the principle on which I am governing Ghana ” the President said during a durbar with Chiefs and people of South Dayi District in the region on Tuesday.

Source: Ghana