We are not killers – Former Denkyira MP cries


    The people of Denkyira are not killers, a former Legislator has said.

    Ben Aryeh who is the immediate past Member of Parliament (MP) for Upper Denkyira West said the people of Denkyira are known peace loving people like all Ghanaians and hence ought not to be considered as people who enjoy killing others.

    “We are not killers…we are also peace loving people like all Ghanaians, Ghana is not the country with the highest crime rate for Denkyira-Obuasi to be number one in terms of trouble making, the problem is that there is no town without trouble makers, there are all shades of people in a town and Denkyira-Obuasi is just like any other town…,” he said.

    The people of Denkyira have courted negative media in recent times after the lynching of an army Captain in Denkyira-Obuasi in the Upper Denkyira West constituency.

    Videos and pictures of the gruesome murder of the later Major Maxwell Mahama went viral on social and mainstream media with the country condemning his ‘killers’.

    Forty one persons including six females have so far being arrested in connection with the murder and have been remanded into prison custodies in Accra and Cape Coast.

    The former Military Captain who was promoted to the rank of Major by President Akufo-Addo during his visit to the widow and the dejected family is set to be buried on Friday, 9th July, 2017.

    The murder of Major Maxwell Mahama has made the people of Denkyira court negative media reportage with most Ghanaians making fun of them as persons who kill at the least provocation.

    While some claim the town where the gruesome lynching occurred is noted for attacking people who are suspected to have engaged in various crimes, others claim the town murdered its Queen mother in cold blood and beheaded her.

    There have therefore being calls for the entire Denkyira-Oboase to be razed down as punishment for daring to murder an army officer who was on an official duty which aimed at stopping galamsey.

    Benjamin Aryeh reacting to the calls on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen Wednesday said the claims are not right as the people of Denkyira are just like all Ghanaians.

    “Am sure you might have dealt with a people that you did not even know are Denkyiras, we are like all Ghanaians…just that the condemnable issue is what is casting a bad image on us…,” he said.

    Persons calling for the razing down of the entire Denkyira-Obuasi town, he said, are also people who think like the people who lynched the late Military Captain.

    “We must have a look at the whole issue of mob justice in the country, some people have been lynched even after Major Mahama and that explains our mentality as a people, we simply must take a look at that and not just that of the late Mahama…,” he suggested.