We can no longer eat from Chopbar; we are scared of eating human meat – Abesim residents

    Residents of Abesim, a town in the Sunyani Municipality, are still living in fear following the murder incident. This happening led to the discovery of stocked human parts in the refrigerator of one Richard Appiah.

    According to comprehended information amid this development, Richard, 28 murdered at least 3 persons and stored their body parts in the fridge.

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    Well, it seems residents of the now infamous Abesim town are still traumatized over the news of human parts in the fridge right in their town.

    This has ruined their appetite for food especially food from the Chop Bars in the community. The residents have expressed their fear of eating from the chop bar.

    According to some of the inhabitants, they’re frightened of eating at the chop bars because they are afraid that meat served could be human flesh.

    This new piece of information came up after residents were i



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