We cannot have only one candidate contesting for flagbearership – Spio-Garbrah


    Presidential hopeful, Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, has said there cannot be only one candidate for a political party when the party is preparing to elect a flagbearer to represent in an election.

    In an exclusive interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, the former Trade and Industry Minister described as an interesting argument that, former president John Dramani Mahama is the only viable candidate for the party.

    He also indicated that, it will also be an interesting argument to say that, Mr. Mahama underperformed hence his decision to contest him.

    He said, ‘’that is an interesting argument. If you went by that argument, then we will have only one president for the next 20 years because as long as somebody has been president before, nobody else should have the interest or the opportunity to also present himself or herself for consideration. I see presidential elections and flagbeareship elections within parties as a competitive process. Competition is good for us as Ghanaians.’’

    He added, competition abounds everywhere and so ‘’I see nothing wrong with competition.’’

    The diplomat, banker, renowned marketer and politician said it will be a good suggestion for people to deprive others from contesting a candidate who may have had the opportunity to be president in the past.

    He also expressed his readiness for any campaign or candidate who will also show interest in running for the presidential slot.

    When asked if he will be threatened by the decision of Mr. Mahama to contest, Dr. Spio-Garbrah said he does go into a race worrying about who else wants to contest or not.

    In his view, it is a free and a democratic society we are building and so when you express interest in running for a public office, you should assume that, other people will also express interest in the same position.

    ‘’I am ready for any kind of competition otherwise I would not have been in this race[…] They may have their experiences but I also have my experiences,” he emphasized.

    Asked what made him a better candidate than the others who had also declared their intentions to contest the primary, Dr. Spio-Garbrah stated that he had been tried and tested in the world of academia, religion, agriculture among other areas.