We have sex everyday – Okyeame Kwame’s wife


    Well I just don’t know but it seems the new trend among celebs is to talk about what they do in their bedroom publicly. Ah well, It’s an open secret that sex is indeed needed in a marriage.

    Infact, it would sound someway for married couples to say they don’t have se.x, then something must be wrong somewhere.

    Well, wife of Okyeame Kwame, Anica was on Delay’s show and she has confirmed that indeed, his husband, Okyeame Kwame doesn’t joke when it comes to bedroom bully at all.

    According to her, Okyeame Kwame has sex with her everyday, I mean every blessed day unless she is sick or menstruating.

    “That’s one of our secrets, and I don’t know why he went public with it, but yes, when he has not travelled, or if I’m not sick or menstruating, we have sex each and everyday. Even before I came on this interview, we had s.ex”. Okyeame Kwame’s wife right there boasting that her husband is in form when it comes to s.ex

    You should have seen the look on Delay’s face when she confirmed that yes, they do have sex everyday.

    When Delay asked her further as to why they decided to be having sex almost everyday.

    She said, “Well, we decicded to do this to prevent temptations of having sex outside the marriage won’t come away.”

    So yes, there you have it, Okyeame Kwame and his wife, Anica are indeed sex freaks. She also disclosed that they have been married for 12 years.