“We need a generation that can do without bums and boobs to build Ghana” – Afia Pokua

    Afia Pokua aka Vim Lady has made a compelling statement on social media which has burst netizens into an undying argument.

    According to her, the country needs a generation that does not fantasize about buttocks and breasts to build the nation just like the independent fighter, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

    Afia’s statement was triggered after over a thousand Ghanaians thronged to register compliments on a curvy woman posted by Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on his Facebook page.

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    The picture depicts a beautiful African woman with an alluring shape which was accompanied with the caption “Tell Me Which Country She is From?”.

    Afia Pokua with her observation said, “Typical Ghanaians. When they see buttocks noo, see, almost 1k comments. All for nash. Ino be so?. Let Kofi or someone post about the economy, or appealing for funds to save someone’s life, you see the number of comments, if you will even get 50. We are just like our leaders. Buttocks will kill us like Atubiga said. We need a generation that can do without bums and boobs to build this nation as Nkrumah did”.



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