Customers of the cryptocurrency agency, Global Coin Community Help (GCCH) are up in arms against the investment agent in Ghana.

This is because they claim the director, Kwaku Damete-Kumi, did not clearly state the terms and conditions of the cryptocurrency business to them when they decided to venture into it.

The representatives of the aggrieved customers said on Accra-based Asempa FM that they suspect there was something fishy about the organisation that led to its closure by the Bank of Ghana directive.

“The BOG memo was not for GCCH to shut down the business but to warn Ghanaians because news about the company’s existence wasn’t clear but we understood the terms and conditions differently from what is happening now. There was no coin agreement at the initial stage,” the representative noted.

Chairman of the aggrieved customers, Makafui Sebuabe said they were ready to meet the director and his associates because investors were falling sick and dying because of the frustrations they were going through.

“We have about 100,000 people on the Global Coin Community Help platform. Some have lost their lives and others are in critical health conditions because their funds are not coming,” he added.

But Director of the company, Kwake Damete-Kumi on the same show, disclosed that the cryptocurrency was out of season hence they have no funds available for customers.

“I am ready to meet them to talk things over but I am very surprised my customers are saying they didn’t know about the terms and conditions of the crypto-currency trading. Unfortunately, payments cannot be made now unless the crypto trading bounces back somewhere January.”