We won’t allow filibustering of anti-gay bill, it will be made public — Bagbin

    Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin has said the sitting of the committee on the anti-gay bill which is currently before the House will be made public.

    In his opening remarks as Parliament reconvened on Tuesday, October 27, he said, “the seating of the Committee will be public and the decision of this House will be public. We will want to know where each Member of Parliament comes in.”

    He continued, “I know Ghanaians are expectant and there are over hundred petitions before the Committee of Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. But we will try not to allow any Filibustering of this bill. Because it is not only Africa, the whole-world is looking for the outcome of this bill.

    “In fact, it has assumed some different dimensions. For me, this is healthy for a maturing democracy like Ghana. It is important we allow various shapes of opinions to canvass their position on the bill. As Ghanaians, I want to plead that we accommodate the views of others on whatever perception they have and let’s maintain the peace that we have.

    “It is a law that will take into consideration the richness of common sense, human decency, morality, fact and logic. At the end of the day it will be a law that will transform this country into something else,” he added.



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