‘Wedding ring doesn’t make you a complete woman – Nana Aba Anamoah


    Controversial Ghanaian journalist and television host, Nana Aba Anamoah said a lot of Ghanaian women marry under pressure hence putting on a wedding ring doesn’t make one as a complete woman.

    According to her she doesn’t know why the ordinary Ghanaian would think settling down with a man and having family responsibilities renders one a complete woman.

    She added that she has a seventeen year old son and a good career which sets her on a good course in life hence she doesn’t need a man to make her life any better presently.

    Nana Aba further posited that until men and women in Ghana realize a lot of people are getting married and breaking up quickly due to marriage pressure from friends and family, there is no way pressure in marriage can be toned down in the country.

    “That is so archaic and stupid. I wonder why you’re only ticked complete when you’re married. So the hard work, waking up at dawn doing research, toiling, sweating, you mean that doesn’t count…?”

    “That is why a lot of people are married and the divorce rate is so high, and until we get men not to speak the same way like some men speak and women who feel they are married so everyone woman should be married. Then it means I am on TV and every lady should be. There is pressure on them to settle down…”

    Earlier one maverick counselor, Rev George Lutterodt, is reported to have stated categorically that she cannot marry indicating that she has reached a stage he called “Mafa No Saa (MFS)” and need to be satisfied with where they are and not venture into marriage.

    When host KSM asked her about Counselor Lutterodt’s brouhaha concerning her marriage life, she said she doesn’t have time to descend into the same gutters with him since he believes he is better than everyone.

    “I don’t want to descend into the same gutter with people who think they know others better than themselves. I don’t have time…” she said on the KSM show.

    “Family, friends and strangers’ ask me when I am getting married. I feel fulfilled. I have a job; I love what I am doing. Sometimes I run out of descriptions…” she added.