‘Wee’ seller beheads beautiful girlfriend for wearing his slippers


    A hemp seller, simply identified as Toba, has been accused of killing his girlfriend and dumping her corpse in a bush in Kara-Kekere community, Ogunrun, Mowe, in the Obafemi Owode area of Ogun State.

    The incident reportedly occurred on Wednesday, May 18, after Toba sent his girlfriend, Tunrayo Odubanjo, on an errand to buy an alcoholic drink for him.

    She was said to have worn his slippers while heading out, which infuriated Toba and he allegedly attacked her for it when she returned.

    Peju, an eyewitness who spoke with Punch, said,

    “He told her to pack out of his house, but she kept begging him and when she decided to leave the house, she could not see her slippers. She asked him for the slippers and Toba said he threw them into the bush. She pleaded with him to help her retrieve them from the bush, but he refused.

    “I tried to intervene, but he threatened to use broken tiles on me. So, I withdrew and continued with what I was doing. The girl later asked me for slippers, but I told her I had none. Suddenly, he pursued the girl again, dragged her into the bush and started beating her.

    “I heard the girl begging and thought it was just beating. After a few minutes, I suddenly saw him sitting on the lady. I quickly called people at the site and the son of a chief in our community and they rushed down to apprehend him as he abandoned her corpse in the bush and wanted to run. Toba used broken tiles to slit his girlfriend’s throat.”

    Hemp seller allegedly slits

    It was gathered that Toba moved into the apartment two days before he allegedly killed his girlfriend.